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If you are looking for personalised backpacks, rucksacks, folders, drawstring bags etc we can help!

Bags and laptop bags are not only practical in the work environment, they are also a great way of promoting your business when customised.

Here at BEP gifts, we can offer your business or service a large range of bags all of which can be personalised with your company logo and/or text.

Our large range of bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so no matter what your requirements we are sure to be able to help you find what you need.

Whether its a laptop bag or rucksack for you to take to clients, or a parctical bag to help you take items to a conference, we can provide with your bespoke logo printed to the highest standards.

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Please note!

Logos and messages come in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses and which fabric it is printed onto can make a difference to how clear the logo will be. Sometimes we receive a collection of logos, sponsors and text that all have to fit on a small pocket: this can result in the details being lost and the ink ‘filling in’. We will, of course, point out if the logo is not going to be very clear and have the impact that you are looking for and make suggestions.

For best results, we recommend …

That the text is not too fine

Fabric has a weave and fine lines look very different on fabric than they do printed onto paper or a flat surface. We can always recommend ways around this.

Artwork is preferred sent as editable EPS vector graphics

Low resolution JPEGs will result in a very fuzzy logo when pulled up to the size of print on the bag.

We only screen print using water-based inks not chemical-based inks. This means that the inks we use are matched to Uncoated Pantone® references. Please check the U-code reference as it is not always exactly the same colour tone as the C-code Pantone® reference.

If you are not sure how the final product will look, we can supply a printed sample. These are chargeable and we ask that you leave enough time before your deadline for this process.

If you have chosen the Digital UV transfer option to print onto bags, we can send you a swatch free of charge on request.

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